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Agra , Taj Mahal and India

gra is definitely the most traveled place in India.  Famed for Taj mahal. Roughly around 5 hours travel from New Delhi , provided there are no delays on the train. I remember traveling this place a few years back and how bad was it.  I was tricked by a tuk-tuk guy as I did not have any travel guidebook and I didn’t do enough homework before traveling this place.

Anyway do expect to be hounded by a lot of touts and conmen when arriving at the train station. The best way is to ignore them and get a tuk-tuk to a hotel that you want. Except near double charges of tuk-tuk if arriving this place at night.  The best place to stay at agra is probably hotel at Taj Ganj as it’s walking distance away from Taj Mahal itself. This food at this place is quite tasteless and monotonous  so I missed malaysian foods very much when I’m at this place.

Despite the negativity,  this place offers one of the best photography location in the world so there are no reasons to avoid this place.

It was quite foggy and dull when we arrived at Agra. We waited for 3 days for the fog to clear and sun to come out before entering Taj Mahal. The entrance ticket cost 500rp and only valid for single entry. No Foods are  allowed inside Taj Mahal. Being cheapskate traveler and photographer ,I only had 1 or 2 biscouts  from sunrise to sunset as we need to stay inside the compound to both take sunrise and sunset photo. Expect many thousands of tourist inside the compound.


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