Lego Death Star 10188

The Lego Death Star 10188 was released back in the year 2008 with about 3803 pieces. This set of Lego costs about 400USD. For both the Lego and Star Wars lovers, this is a definitely, must buy set of Lego. Bear in mind that it will not going to be an easy task in order to put more than 3000 pieces of bricks together.

The Lego Death Star 10188 set comes in the original brown shipping box which is truly customized and the content are organized neatly. Inside the big box, you will find the 3800 pieces of bricks separated into four different boxes. You will also find a manual of more than 200 pages for your reference to ease your sorting and building process. Do take note that there are many sub-steps in between the 190 steps.   

In order to start with the building of your Death Star, it is highly advisable and recommended that you sort the bricks appropriately. This is a very crucial and important step if you want the entire building process to go smoothly. If you invest more time in sorting, eventually it will lessen the time in the building process. In addition, it will saves you from a lot of frustration in looking for the right bricks when you are in the middle of building your Lego. Different people tend to have different ways in sorting and organizing the bricks. It would be easier if you keep all the smaller bricks in their original packing first while you sort the bigger bricks according to colors and shapes. You may need some extra storage boxes or small transparent plastic bags to help you in sorting. Besides, you may need some time off during the sorting process as it will not be an overnight task to get it done.  

After the sorting process, here comes the building process. The Lego Death Star is built using the traditional bottom-up approach. What does it mean? It starts from the base and build upwards, finishing all the furnishing and details in each compartment. Once done, you move to the next higher level. In this level, not many difficult techniques are needed but tying knots on those tiny and thin strings can be quite a pain in the neck for those who have larger hands or fingers. Even though it has a spherical shape, you won’t come across to any repeated building steps, indicating how unique each compartment can be.    

Proceeding to level 2, the junkyard is consider as the most interesting playroom here. This is the only room that spans across 2 levels. Thus, it has the highest headroom amongst all the other rooms. Due to this reason, a loose guard rail is designed to replace the usual floor board, making the Lego Death Star more solid. However, the guard rail has a tendency to drop off if there are movements of the models from one place to another. On the next level, there will be more playable features. There’s an exclusive throne room for the Emperor Palpatine and also a room that includes a cell housing those unfortunate captors. There will be a long corridor as well, which was designed to provide more spaces for Luke and Leia to take refuge when battling the troopers. Lastly on the level 3, there is a room to hold the beacon of hope for the Death Star, The Death Ray which can be rotated as there is a rotating mechanism attached to it with two knobs responsible for the movement.    

On the level 4 is where the penthouse is stationed with smaller floor area, consisting of rooms such as discussion room and a Darth Vader transformation room. With a pair of twin cannons on this level, it portrays that the Death Star is housing some fearsome and fearless armory. These twin cannons are able to swing 90 degree to the top horizontally. Once you have a hand on all the levels, you may proceed to the minifigs. There are a total of 24 minifigs that can fit into the Lego set very well.

In summary, it will definitely requires a lot of hard work and effort to completely set up the Death Star. But it is totally worth every bits of your energy and effort. It is said that the Death Star is one of the top three set in the entire Star Wars range.       


Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation often means taking up a loan to pay off another loan that has a much higher interest rates. So how does debt consolidation works in Malaysia ? Typically, you will be charged a 1.5% monthly interest rates if you have trouble repaying the minimum amount for a credit card. This would accumulate to a hefty 18% p.a interest rates.  When you hit this situation, you may want to consider converting this high interest debt into lower interest debt with fixed repayment.  This may be achievable by consolidating your credit card debt into a personal loan debt.

Pros of Debt Consolidation

As a rule of thumb, a personal loan interest rates may sit somewhere (EIR) between 13% to to 15% p.a.  Converting your credit card debt which has a maximum of 18% will save you on interest.  You will also be able to tremendously improve your financial situation as your large sum of outstanding debt is converted into a monthly fixed repayment.  A debtor will be able to free himself from outstanding minimum amount.

Some debt consolidation program or balance transfer program also offers very low interest rates for some period of time. This will also results in savings.  A debtor will often be able to merge a few of his different debts into a single debt after consolidation. This allows easier debt management

Cons of Debt Consolidation

Be very sure to check in details of the debt consolidation loans that you are taking up. Most of the time, a bank will publish a flat interest rates instead of effective interest rates.  This could mean the interest rate is much higher than actually advertise. Always read the product disclosure sheet for Effective Interest Rates (EIR) and the terms and conditions of the loan.

Feel free to visit If you are keen to learn about the latest personal loan products and credit card promotions in Malaysia.


Planet of the Apes


I rarely make much post about movies unless it has a real impact on me. The first time I watch Planet of the Apes was when I was too young too remember anything. I think I’m possibly less than 5. I can still vaguely remember the part where the crazy earthlings were bald religious fanantics, the shattered statue of Liberty, and in the end the earth was blown up.

I do not know why these  images from the past memories will come back once a while. Those days, the science fiction were a litte errie and somehow you can remember it for the rest of your live. And movies from the 70s is really good.

Last week I decided to watch the latest released version of the Movie “Rise of the planet of the apes”  and I thought that it was awesome. Imho much better than the 2011 version.

The story started on how experiment by humans on Apes has turned them smart. Things got out of hand when some of these greedy humans wanted to exploit the experiment for profit and things got out of hands.

This movie reminds me on how greedy ignorance and greedy human can be. Risking things for profit. Which is happening today.  In the old version of Planet of the apes earth was completely detroyed by nuclear war.

Anyway, do not know or have not seen the old sequel version of the Planet of the Apes. Here are the list that you can find time to watch.

Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)

Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971)

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)

Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973)

Mt Bromo and Cemoro Lawang


Mt Bromo is actually a location to take photos of live volcano in East Java. When I saw the iconic images of Mt Bromo, I thought I must make a trip there some day which I did several times. Mt bromo is actually one of the 5 volcanoes at Bromo Tengger Semeru national park.

At Penanjakan, I can remember waiting from 4.30 am for that sunrise. Mt Bromo reveal itself when the golden lights of the sun brakes the cold moving fogs.  I thought that was one of the most beautiful scenery ever.


To get there

To get there you can book a flight to Surabaya, from there I took public bus to the town of Probolinggo and it’s a few hours drive uphill to Cemoro Lawang. Weather can be quite cold at Cemoro Lawang, so it is advisable to bring warm cloth along


Cemoro Lawang

This area is pretty touristed. It’s one of places where everyone stays before ascending to Penanjakan for the sunrise. It’s a good place to walk around to take photos. There are plenty of onion farms




The view of Cemoro Lawang from Penanjakan. It is pretty cold with that kind of fog around

Namtso Lake



This is one of most beautiful lake I’ver ever visited, putting the famed Kashmir’s Dal lake or the Hangzhou Xihu aside . The trip takes around several hours by bus (260kms away) from Lhasa. At near 5000 meters above sea level, it may not suit those with ill health. You can book a tour with those chinese travel agent at Lhasa  As of 2008 Tibet riot , all tours inside Tibet have to made at China or before entering Tibet from China.

When I was at namtso, it winter was just ending and summer is starting. Part of the lake can been seen frozen. This lake is so damn huge that Tibetans call it sea.


The best thing about Namtso it is still naturally preserved. I guess due to it’s altitue it’s not suitable for major chinese tourist. It’s very very tiring to walk to the lake from the base camp. I think I walk a few steps and breathe heaviy but gradually getting used to it so I’m able to travel further around the lake.

The water is crystal clear! yes crystal and I’ve never seen anything so clear. You can see the depth of the lake till the end of the snow mountains range on the other side of the lake.


The sunset at Namtso was beautiful. Huge,  the reminds us how tiny we are. The night gets terrible cold (under 0 again) and we are sleeping in a tent. But yet the Himalayan sky is awesomely beautiful as always.

I wish I can return to Tibet however, it’s never the same again, forever.

  Sabah Snake Grass

What is Sabah Snake Grass ?

Sabah Snake Grass in the garden

Sabah Snake Grass (SSG) is a shrub herb plant that can be found quite commonly in Malaysia. Sabah Snake Grass (SSG) is known locally as Daun Belalai Gajah with a scientific name of Clinacanthus.

Little has been known of this herb plant until it created hype when a man’s cancer was cured by this herb news was published at early 2011. This has resulted a great shortage of the grass around Malaysia.

History of Sabah Snake Grass

lthough the SSG is only a recent hype in Malaysian alternative herb. The Sabah Snake Grass has been used for a long time and well known in variety of indigenous tribes across of island of Borneo.

The Dusun people of Keningau, Borneo are known to have included Sabah Snake Grass as parts of their traditional herbs. Around 90% of the Dusun Keningau knows the effectiveness of using SSG as herbs. The SSG is also used in Thailand to traditionally cure insects and any venomous bites.

Sabah Snake Grass Farm

How does Sabah Snake Grass Looks like ?

Sabah Snake Grass

Medicinal Value

SSG is believed to contains a high amount of chlorophyll, anti-oxidants and vitamins. The Sabah Snake Grass is believe to be able to help diseases such as but not limited to



Prostate Cancer

Uterus Cancer

Breast Cancer

Lung Cancer

Dialysis Patients

High Blood Pressure

High Uric Acid

Cure for Cancer ?

In most cases, cancer patients will be seeking for alternative cure when it is already too late for any form of cure from western medicine practitioners.

Although Sabah Snake Grass did not work for some poeple, there are cases people known to have their tumours missing after drinking the blended version of the SSG leaves.

This woman had breast cancer. She found her lump missing after consuming Sabah Snake Grass leaves. She’s now fully recovered

This man’s son in law had a stage 4 kidney cancer which doctor informed his that is too late for any chance of cure. Having lost all hope, they searched around for any hope. His son in law lost all his tumours after 1 month heavy consumption of Sabah Snake grass

Uterus Cancer Patient taking 50 leaves per day. Now she’s fully recovered.


There are many forms of SSG consumption. The leaves is the most important part of plant. It can be directly applied to wounds, blended and drink. There are also dried leaves which are inserted into capsules to be eaten. You can even find people drying up the leaves and making Sabah Snake Grass Tea leaves.


Most Cancer patients consume the grass by blending it with a little bit of water. These leaves are mixed with ingredients such as lime juice and apple. During the blending process, it is recommended to mix a little ice to prevent blending heat from destroying the nutrient of the Sabah Snake Grass


To prevent doxidation, the blended juice must be consumed immediately after the blending process. It is best to to drink the juice early in the morning as the body will absorb nutrient better after a long sleep.


It is also utterly important to avoid poisonous foods from Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective such as sea foods,chicken and ducks. Chinese traditional herbs are to be avoided at all cost during the process of consuming Sabah Snake Grass.

Number of leaves daily

The number of leaves to be consumed for Cancer patient varies according to stages of the disease. It is recommended to have minimum of fifty leaves for Stage one cancer patient and maximum two hundred pieces of leaves for Stage 4 patients. The leaves consumption should be gradually reduced for any sign of recovery


You should stop or reduce the amount of leaves consumed if you noticed any sign of overdosing.

How to track nuffnang clicks with google analytics?

Are you one of those who get comparatively high impressions and CTR on adsense but however receive nothing from nuffnang at at all ? Anyway I’ve been using nuffnang with adsense on one of my sites for past few months , below would be the results of both advertising solutions for a few months,

1) Results from Adsense

2) Results from nuffnang


The result from nuffnang seems pretty  pathetic. I’m getting 597 clicks from adsense compare to 1 click on nuffnang since early this year.  I’ve also placed nuffnang ads on better location compared to adsense however it made no difference.  So , on one fine day I decided to track nuffnang clicks independently to verify whether these clicks are  recorded on nuffnang system.


What do you need ?


  1. Google analytics account already installed into your website
  2. Cut and paste some code.


Anyway to track the particular nuffnang ads , first you need to add additional google analytics javascript at the end of </head> section of the page to be tracked. Cut and paste the code below before the </head> section of the html code.


<script type=”text/javascript”>
function recordOutboundLink(link, category, action) {
_gat._getTrackerByName()._trackEvent(category, action);
setTimeout(‘document.location = “‘ + link.href + ‘”‘, 100);


Next ,  you will need to tag your nuffnang ads with a div tag .  Add a <div> </div> around the nuffnang ads.


<!– nuffnang –>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
nuffnang_bid = “******************************”;
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”” ></script>
<!– nuffnang–>



You need to add a onclick event into the div tag  ,  onClick=”recordOutboundLink(this, ‘Outbound Links’, ’nuffnangclicks’);return false;”


<div onClick=”recordOutboundLink(this, ‘Outbound Links’, ’nuffnangclicks’);return false;“>

<!– nuffnang –>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
nuffnang_bid = “******************************”;
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”” ></script>
<!– nuffnang–>



You will have wait a while for the analytics to collect the data first .  To access the report , go to analytics menu -> content -> event tracking






Now on the overview ,  you should be able to see how much clicks you are receiving on that particular advertistment.





I’ve installed the code for several days and there seems to be clicks on my nuffnang advertisement.  I emailed support and they said that everything is fine on their side and they do not reveal their payment policy.  Seems like I’ve wasted my ads space with nuffnang in vain.  Maybe it’s time to remove it from that site.



Bersih 2.0 rally photos 9th July


10 Jul 2011 … Condolences to the late Baharudin Ahmad, who passed away in the midst of yesterday’s police assault on the Bersih 2.0 rally… our thoughts and prayers are with you and family. Malaysian will always remember your heroism on that fateful day to defend and uphold our Constitutional rights. God bless.

The morning at Kuala Lumpur on 9th of July was nothing but an empty city when I reached Masjid Jamek. There were heavy police and FRU presence. Choppers are seen flying around scouting for movement. Most of the major roads in Kuala Lumpur are actually blocked and barricaded. Passersby are being questioned, screened and some minor arrest were made.

Despite all the threats, scare , road blocks, traffic jam and intimidations. I’m surprised there are still so many that made it. The crowds came from nowhere. Small groups and individuals traveling from all across Malaysia to KL taking risk for 1 purpose. Reform.

People start forming small groups and later merging into larger groups. These groups were then dispersed by tear gas from the FRU near Dataran Merdeka. Some experienced demonstrators are distributing salt and water and helping each other to escape the tear gas.

The momentum started gathering at Maybank around afternoon. Hatta gave a speech for a while but then FRU came. The peaceful crowds  sprayed with blue chemical  liquid. The crowd faught back a few times but eventually ran away when tear gas was fired.  Many people were seen running panicky and some even jumped high walls to escape arrest. But then it started raining when I decided to have lunch. Crowds were diminishing due to the rain.

After the rain people start gathering again , this time walking towards Stadium Merdeka. However it was barb wired.  I guess there are nothing much they can do and people start dispersing after 4Pm after singing the national anthem. After all , 4PM is the allowed time by our King.

One big difference that I noticed on this rally compared to previous ones is that there are a lot of new comers. Crowds are from different ethnic,racial, religious background coming together seeking for a change. There are a lot of young chinese even couples attending it.

At the end of the rally, I can see PAS people shaking hands and taking group photos with chinese families, which we seldom see these days. Young men from different backgrounds shaking hands and chatting.

In the end we sang the national anthem at the gate of barb wired stadium merdeka before dispersing back to our homes. This is the malaysia we want to build. It’s indeed a great day and a great rally






          The first  group that appeared near dataran Merdeka but was stopped




Yellow Flower that was left at Pudu after the gas attack

A little girl was the victim of tear gas ,the gas spreads a few hundreds meters away, its wise to stay far away


Peaceful crowds were bombarded with tear gas and chemical liquid


   This guy was praying in the middle of the road when the police charged. He collapsed after that. I hope he’s all right

It is just another daily life for this old soldier

Land should be divided equally among all people. People should eat meals together in large halls, so the rich couldn’t enjoy food while the poor starved. Senate, a part of government that made laws and kept tyrants in check. -Lycurgus




Nuffnang not working

Nuffnang analytics is one of the user friendlier website analytic tools compared to other analytic tools.  It actually comes when you install Nuffnang advertisement into your blog or website.  However this tool may not be so perfect and accurate compared to google analytics.  As of many other softwares , everything is prone to failure.  Once a blue moon, do expect it not to work properly and you may not see you data on it.

I’ve recently experienced a few days outage and I decided to check on the cause.  It was actually some updated wordpress plugins that I used that were conflicting with Nuffnang codes. If you experienced this , here are a few steps to troubleshoot it


  1. If you do not see data suddenly , it may be issue on the server side.  Sometimes things break.  😀
  2. If  its more than 48 hours ,  it would be wise to check the code and your side.  Reverify  whether there are any broken Nuffnang ads codes
  3. If issue persist even you have confirmed the code , you should make attempt to contact nuffnang support team at their website








Bersih 3.0 Photos and my side of the story


Bersih 3.0 is very different from the previous street rally that I’ve attended to so far.  Everyone or someone’s friend seem to be going to Bersih 3.0. Honestly,  the authorities have tried their best not to demonize Bersih from the start. The previous Bersih 2.0 was deemed illegal and arrest was made even before the 709 event. So much threats were made , there were not much people who dared to attend Bersih 2.0

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