The road to kashmir

I wake up suddenly , it was a very tense situation around 1am. There was this lorry on the opposite side of the small rocky ,dusty cliff road road to kashmir. The were no divider and the cliff is a few hundred meters high. There were like more than 10 of us sharing a small jeep to kashmir. All of them are Indian nationals. Everyone is quiet suddenly.

The road barely can support 1 vehicle crossing most of the time. On time like these, we have to put all our faith on the driver. The opposite lorry gave some signal, reversed to a point where there are few meters extra wide on the road. Our driver quickly drive to the few meters buffer. I can hear rocks falling off the few hundred meters cliff , the cliff is probably just next to us but it was too dark to see.

Our jeep waited for the lorry to finish crossing. After that , being relieved everyone started chatting again. This is just one of the tens of times i woke up that 14 hours night journey. And the stars on the Himalayan sky are so beautiful.

Constant landslide made road improvement progress very slow in the Himalayas of India.