Rubbish and India

Rubbish and India are two entities that cannot be separated. Both have mutually coexisted maybe since the beginning of time. Basically Indians throw rubbish to anywhere except their home, inside a train and rubbish bin. In Indian streets it’s very normal to find piles of mountainous rubbish. Cows feed on rubbish and people feed on cow’s milk.

Below is a photo taken at supposedly Calcutta international airport, the rubbish bin is barely a few hundred meters away , if an international airport is this dirty , what else can I say about slum streets in India.

rubbish-an-indiaHere are some of the lame excuses I’ve heard during my travels.

  • The only difference between we and you is that we don’t hide our rubbish
  • Oh , Indians bath two times a day , they are very clean.

However it may not be such a bad thing , rubbish has provided foods for cow, pigs and jobs for thousands of sweepers India !

Towards the Himalayas

New delhi has been quite a hell. i guess the best plan is hit oof asap. So booked a train
ride to hill station shimla. the first gateway to the himalayas. shima is a very touristic
place filled with indian tourist probaly to escape the indian heat. anyway the weather is kind
of nice but there seems to be nothing so special about this place. so booked a bus to manali.
it takes like 9 hours ride to manali from shimla and the ride is pretty awful , the idian lady
in front of me keep vomiting and it hits me. over the journey
we can see snow capped mountains the first sign of himalayas ,cool. manali seems much better place
than shimla so its a good start to find places and people for photography

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