Epson 1390 price Malaysia and review


Just got myself an Epson 1390 and I thought this is an amazing printer. This printer is capable of printing A3 to 4R photos. Photos quality is good with vibrant colors, but somehow my unit prints black color to what is seems like very dark blue. Perhaps I will consider investing on printer calibration software if I have the budget.

My unit has been hacked. I’m using custom ink where printing is much cheaper compared to Epson ink

Some specifications of this printer

  • Cost-efficient INKdividualâ„¢ cartridges
  • Optimise ink usage and reduce expenses
  • Replace single cartridges when any colour ink runs out
  • Eliminates wastage of throwing away an integrated cartridge with remaining ink in other colours

Lease Price

RM 1500

You may find much cheaper price at shops in Malaysia