Moneybookers Malaysia Withdraw Money how to?


Moneybookers has been one my favorite payment method from overseas.  Basically I prefer Moneybookers than paypal as the conversion rates are better and there is only a small amount of fees charged with for withdraw. The best thing about Moneybookers is that you can actually do a direct TT of money from Moneybookers to local bank account even in the absense of Moneybookers here.


How to receive money on Moneybookers ?

1 ) Ok , if you don’t have any moneybookers account. First you need to create a moneybookers account,  you may do it via this link , no worries the link is very safe 😉  .Please use your permanent email address as this be used to receive and transfer funds

2) Verify your account with credit cards, mailing address to your pin number and bank account

3) After you have verified your account you can start receiving and sending funds via your email address registered.


How to withdraw money to local Malaysian Bank Account

1) You need to get swift code for your banks. I would recommend CIMB as they only charges rm 10 for receiving money from TT. Some bank eg PBB charges up to rm 30 per transaction.

Please refer to this website for your bank swift code.


For other banks Please refer to


2) Go to your account -> Profile -> List of Banks account -> Manage , Add your country and swift code for your bank.


3) You can start sending funds to your local bank account on your withdraw menu , you need to verify your birthdate and select the bank to withdraw. There will be a 2.54 USD charge for each withdrawal. Do keep the TT statement slip the bank sends to you as there will be verification needed on Moneybookers side from time to time.