What to expect in India

For those of you who have not been to India and only have seen it on Bollywood movies , here are some honest facts of India

  • Smell of poo and pee almost everywhere around the streets
  • You spend your time avoiding poo and pee and spits everywhere around the streets
  • People cutting queue frequently and turning into random quarrel
  • Overbooked train , you are stucked in somewhere as all the trains are frequently overbook
  • Beggars , a lot of them. Some seemed dead. I think they are near dead. A lot of flies on them , white pupil
  • Assholes , people keep following you to sell you stuffs , trying to befriend you and sell you stuffs later
  • Assholes from the crowds banging you and cutting queue. Just use your bags to bang them. It’s norm here
  • Rubbish everywhere
  • Once a while you find some weird stuffs inside your foods. hairs,pieces of something , etc ,just ignore it as this is india
  • Waiter wiping your plates with their palm to clean it before putting foods into it.
  • Noise and air pollution
  • Once a while you’ll find genuinely nice people , the further you move to north
  • And best of all expect some sort diarrhea on your trip to India

If you think China is bad, then India is hell