Myths of Kelantan demystified

Kelantan is always quite a phobic place to non muslim especially to someone who has never experienced it , this is also partly contributed by negative portrayal from our mainstream media.  In fact Kelantan is total shock in reverse of what I expected since the first time I traveled it a couple of years back. Being quite a regular traveler to Malaysian east coast here are some facts of Kelantan , at least for the time me writing this post.

1. There are no alcohol in kelantan WRONG !

The fact is I bought my cheapest beer in Kelantan.  I don’t know how is that possible and some of these are manufactured at Klang Valley.  Three cans of Chang beers cost around RM 10 and 2 cans of Carlsberg cost RM8.  That is the price if you buy in small bulk.  Only that you cannot drink in public.  There are plenty of Tuaks and niras if you are interested in local brewed alcohol and drinking in the public.

2.There are pork in kelantan WRONG!

There are plenty of porks in Kelantan for non muslim.  In fact in Kelatan market , it’s probably the only place in Malaysia where pork sellers are not isolated in special area.

3.  Kelantan is a bad place for non muslims WRONG!

The fact is most of the non-muslims I have met there are happy with PAS rule (at least  most of those I’ve met).  In the old days non bumis are not allowed to own lands in Kelantan. In fact when PAS took over they have amended the rules and non bumis are allowed to own lands.  During chinese new year , each chinese villages family is given hampers and ang pow.  I was told by a chinese villager that in real islam teaching there are no bias between non-muslims and muslim and how Tok Guru Nik Aziz forbids bias towards non muslims.

4.  Kelantan is a place for muslimsWRONG!

I was in total shock when I see a lot of muslims hanging out in a traditional Chinese kopitiam.  You can only find this at Kelantan. In fact kelantanese chinese  are quite assimilated locally ,they speak good malay and eat a lot of local foods.  People in places mixed around without regards of race. I think 1Malaysia concept started from Kelantan ages ago

The story of Colonel Sanders , KFC


KFC also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of Malaysian favorite food and mine personally. We all probably have seen the replica or photos of Colonel Sanders but not many of us heard of his story

Early Age

Born in Henryville, Indiana. Colonel Sanders father passed away when he was little , so he had to learn cooking and perhaps mastered it at the age of 7 to take care of his siblings while his mother is working away. He then took early odd jobs before venturing into chicken business.

40 – 60

Colone Sanders started selling chicken around 1930 at a gas station in Kentucky.Colonel Sanders trademarked his ‘Original Recipe’.  However his business was forced to close down when he was 60 when the goverment decided to build a highway to bypass his restaurant. He paid his debs and was left $105 for retirement.


Not wanting to accept this fate, Colonel Sanders traveled across United States started selling his ‘Orignal Recipe’He was actually rejected 1009 times before he found a partner and launched ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ at 1952. The first Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet was at South Salk Lake, Utah.

Today , KFC is one of the largest food chain in the world. Selling products ranging from chicken, burgers to salads and sandwiches.

The moral story

How many of us can be rejected 1009 times at 65 years old ? If Colonel Sanders decided to give up at the 1009th times , there will be no KFC today.

Seremban 2 swimming pool sports complex schedule

This would be the Seremban 2 sport complex swimming pool schedule. The water of this pool is not so clean, do bring some Dettol to clean yourself after swimming for a long time.

This swimming pool can be quite crowded during weekends and may not suitable for lap swimming. People are no mindful and it will be hard to reach the other end of a pool. Always swim with your eyes on the front to prevent being kicked. I would probably avoid this pool during weekends or public holidays.


9 am to 12 pm

2pm to 5pm

6pm to 9pm

Closed on Public holiday


Adult Rm 3.50

Era Hotel, Bahau Jempol

Located near Taman Tasik Bahau, Era hotel is one of the better hotels at Bahau. Rooms are quite comfortable and clean. Comes with large curtain and comfortable beds. However sometimes conversation from next room may be heard.  The hotel has a restaurant and pub on the ground level.  I would highly recommend this hotel for the cost and value offered.

At the time of my stay , there was a promotion and room cost at RM 100.


Era Hotel Bahau, Jempol is owned by Zenra (M) Sdn Bhd.


No. 39. Jalan Tasik Bahau 1,

Pusat Perniagaan Bahau,

72100, Bahau,

Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus Malaysia.



Why I am against Malaysian rare earth and nuclear plant ?

When I was little , I used to read this eerie book about Chernobyl. I don’t know how that book ended up with me it must have been one of those cheap sales where useless books are thrown away and my father bought it for me. There was this story about a disaster of Chernobyl than caused havoc across Europe and the world. It is not how you will die, it’s more about a slow death and how you will pass it in to your children. Basically when you are exposed , do not expect you and your next generation to live a normal life

I remember the story of how people would bury the Chernobyl plant those days . Every worker would carry a bag of sand running into the reactor bag by bag until it was properly buried with minimal or no protection from radiation. These workers were given Coke (which as a luxury those days) and a few dollars at the end of day . However, after some time they find that they get sick terribly and soon their child was terribly disfigured. Some of these workers had trouble finding wives.

I can still remember some of the exact images from the book when I see it today .

Now ,to trust a goverment who can’t even build a national car after more than 20 years of Malaysians subsidy to build a nuclear plant would be a major disaster.

Kapas marang swimathon 2013



View from Pulau Kapas. Pantai Kelulut is at the other left side. I swam off course towards right side between 2 hills.


This is the event I’ve been training to challenge myself after going back swimming as a hobby. 6.5Km on open water sounds fun and challenging when you can swim non stop on the pool. It’s a great way to challenge myself to see my limit

The race starts around 7.30 from Pulau Kapas and ends at Pantai Peranginan Kelulut. I was able to see the end point at the end of the sea but as soon as I took off my spectacles I could not see anything anymore. Navigation proves a serious challenge to me as I’m not prepared to swim on the sea and I’m short sighted. To make the matter worse, the baloons which are suppose to be in the middle of the sea to serve as navigation point were not being used anymore. The waves are quite high so it’s kind of hard to see what is  in front of you.

After swimming for around 1 hour with heavy lice bite I think I drifted a few kilometers away from the course. I do not know where all the other swimmers have gone too. I was left alone without any drink for nearly 2 hours but luckily a kind canoe man point me back to the right direction. Without him I probably would have landed far away from the destination and would not complete the swimathon. It was a tough heavy pedaling back to the course. I was lucky to be able to complete the race at 2 hours 50 minutes and looking forward to do better next time with better navigation skills.




This guy without arms did better than me.


Thank you again canoe man


Carbo loading the night before the swimathon

See you again Kapas Marang Swimathon 2014!

Soup Kitchen Sentul

A man dashing across the heavy rain for the last pack for rice being served.

It’s been some time now since I went to soup kitchen at Tamil Methodist Church, Sentul. I had one of my assignment cancelled last minutes so  I decided to go again. The morning was quite tiring for me as I had issue sleeping last night. I arrived a little late due to the bad jam and we got lost somewhere at Sentul

The usual senior team guided us on the preparation for the kitchen. The food were mostly prepared by the veterans while a guy who knows how to cook maggi only like me helped in parts.  In total we made around 70 + packs of foods to be distributed to the poor & needy.

 It rained heavily all of a sudden, however that did not deter the volunteers from distributing the foods.


Suresh brought quite a number of volunteers this time so everything kind of finish up faster.

Looking to do some charity or volunteering ?

This soup kitchen is organized every Saturday morning around 9am at Tamil Methodist Church, Sentul.

Puchong Our Fitness Gym

This is possibly one of the cheapest cheap at Puchong. Located next to Tesco upstairs of a car workshop. Yes this is one of those male dirty ghetto gym. But hey! It’s only rm 100 membership and rm 60 montly fees.

Equipments are complete albeit a little rusty and old. Most of the dumbbells, weights are scattered around.

Nevermind the rusty equipments, dirty, spits and spots on the wall , carpets.  As long as it’s cheap!

Opening Hours

2.00PM to 10.00PM daily except Sunday

Out Gym Fitness Gym Ent.

Contact : Ah Kiat 016-3388135

No1. 2nd Fl, Jalan Bandar 14,

Pusat Bandar Puchong

Warning. This gym may not be suitable for females.

Best Friend Dim Sum Serdang Village


Best Friend Dim Sum at Serdang Village. Specialises in dim sum. Foods are good and reasonably priced somewhat like most other foods at Serdang Village.  Service is good fast and efficient.

Their Mini yam basket served with pork ribs is great. I like how they add a little bit of rice-wine with the pork for extra fragrance.


This dim sum has a little bit of fish eggs has topping. Pretty interesting eat.





No. 1717, Jalan 6/1, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia+

6016 302 3012 (Serdang)

Logitech Mini Boombox Price in Malaysia



With the boom of tablets & smartphones comes new type of devices. You if are one of the tablets or smart phone geeks and looking for the sound effect that the built it speaker in lacking , perhaps you should have a look at Mini Boombox , the latest innovation of Logitech.  The beauty of this device is that you do not need any cabling to connect to it. All connection is done via Bluetooth pairing.

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