Sabah Snake Grass

What is Sabah Snake Grass ?

Sabah Snake Grass in the garden

Sabah Snake Grass (SSG) is a shrub herb plant that can be found quite commonly in Malaysia. Sabah Snake Grass (SSG) is known locally as Daun Belalai Gajah with a scientific name of Clinacanthus.

Little has been known of this herb plant until it created hype when a man’s cancer was cured by this herb news was published at early 2011. This has resulted a great shortage of the grass around Malaysia.

History of Sabah Snake Grass

lthough the SSG is only a recent hype in Malaysian alternative herb. The Sabah Snake Grass has been used for a long time and well known in variety of indigenous tribes across of island of Borneo.

The Dusun people of Keningau, Borneo are known to have included Sabah Snake Grass as parts of their traditional herbs. Around 90% of the Dusun Keningau knows the effectiveness of using SSG as herbs. The SSG is also used in Thailand to traditionally cure insects and any venomous bites.

Sabah Snake Grass Farm

How does Sabah Snake Grass Looks like ?

Sabah Snake Grass

Medicinal Value

SSG is believed to contains a high amount of chlorophyll, anti-oxidants and vitamins. The Sabah Snake Grass is believe to be able to help diseases such as but not limited to



Prostate Cancer

Uterus Cancer

Breast Cancer

Lung Cancer

Dialysis Patients

High Blood Pressure

High Uric Acid

Cure for Cancer ?

In most cases, cancer patients will be seeking for alternative cure when it is already too late for any form of cure from western medicine practitioners.

Although Sabah Snake Grass did not work for some poeple, there are cases people known to have their tumours missing after drinking the blended version of the SSG leaves.

This woman had breast cancer. She found her lump missing after consuming Sabah Snake Grass leaves. She’s now fully recovered

This man’s son in law had a stage 4 kidney cancer which doctor informed his that is too late for any chance of cure. Having lost all hope, they searched around for any hope. His son in law lost all his tumours after 1 month heavy consumption of Sabah Snake grass

Uterus Cancer Patient taking 50 leaves per day. Now she’s fully recovered.


There are many forms of SSG consumption. The leaves is the most important part of plant. It can be directly applied to wounds, blended and drink. There are also dried leaves which are inserted into capsules to be eaten. You can even find people drying up the leaves and making Sabah Snake Grass Tea leaves.


Most Cancer patients consume the grass by blending it with a little bit of water. These leaves are mixed with ingredients such as lime juice and apple. During the blending process, it is recommended to mix a little ice to prevent blending heat from destroying the nutrient of the Sabah Snake Grass


To prevent doxidation, the blended juice must be consumed immediately after the blending process. It is best to to drink the juice early in the morning as the body will absorb nutrient better after a long sleep.


It is also utterly important to avoid poisonous foods from Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective such as sea foods,chicken and ducks. Chinese traditional herbs are to be avoided at all cost during the process of consuming Sabah Snake Grass.

Number of leaves daily

The number of leaves to be consumed for Cancer patient varies according to stages of the disease. It is recommended to have minimum of fifty leaves for Stage one cancer patient and maximum two hundred pieces of leaves for Stage 4 patients. The leaves consumption should be gradually reduced for any sign of recovery


You should stop or reduce the amount of leaves consumed if you noticed any sign of overdosing.

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