Namtso Lake



This is one of most beautiful lake I’ver ever visited, putting the famed Kashmir’s Dal lake or the Hangzhou Xihu aside . The trip takes around several hours by bus (260kms away) from Lhasa. At near 5000 meters above sea level, it may not suit those with ill health. You can book a tour with those chinese travel agent at Lhasa  As of 2008 Tibet riot , all tours inside Tibet have to made at China or before entering Tibet from China.

When I was at namtso, it winter was just ending and summer is starting. Part of the lake can been seen frozen. This lake is so damn huge that Tibetans call it sea.


The best thing about Namtso it is still naturally preserved. I guess due to it’s altitue it’s not suitable for major chinese tourist. It’s very very tiring to walk to the lake from the base camp. I think I walk a few steps and breathe heaviy but gradually getting used to it so I’m able to travel further around the lake.

The water is crystal clear! yes crystal and I’ve never seen anything so clear. You can see the depth of the lake till the end of the snow mountains range on the other side of the lake.


The sunset at Namtso was beautiful. Huge,  the reminds us how tiny we are. The night gets terrible cold (under 0 again) and we are sleeping in a tent. But yet the Himalayan sky is awesomely beautiful as always.

I wish I can return to Tibet however, it’s never the same again, forever.