Lego Death Star 10188

The Lego Death Star 10188 was released back in the year 2008 with about 3803 pieces. This set of Lego costs about 400USD. For both the Lego and Star Wars lovers, this is a definitely, must buy set of Lego. Bear in mind that it will not going to be an easy task in order to put more than 3000 pieces of bricks together.

The Lego Death Star 10188 set comes in the original brown shipping box which is truly customized and the content are organized neatly. Inside the big box, you will find the 3800 pieces of bricks separated into four different boxes. You will also find a manual of more than 200 pages for your reference to ease your sorting and building process. Do take note that there are many sub-steps in between the 190 steps.   

In order to start with the building of your Death Star, it is highly advisable and recommended that you sort the bricks appropriately. This is a very crucial and important step if you want the entire building process to go smoothly. If you invest more time in sorting, eventually it will lessen the time in the building process. In addition, it will saves you from a lot of frustration in looking for the right bricks when you are in the middle of building your Lego. Different people tend to have different ways in sorting and organizing the bricks. It would be easier if you keep all the smaller bricks in their original packing first while you sort the bigger bricks according to colors and shapes. You may need some extra storage boxes or small transparent plastic bags to help you in sorting. Besides, you may need some time off during the sorting process as it will not be an overnight task to get it done.  

After the sorting process, here comes the building process. The Lego Death Star is built using the traditional bottom-up approach. What does it mean? It starts from the base and build upwards, finishing all the furnishing and details in each compartment. Once done, you move to the next higher level. In this level, not many difficult techniques are needed but tying knots on those tiny and thin strings can be quite a pain in the neck for those who have larger hands or fingers. Even though it has a spherical shape, you won’t come across to any repeated building steps, indicating how unique each compartment can be.    

Proceeding to level 2, the junkyard is consider as the most interesting playroom here. This is the only room that spans across 2 levels. Thus, it has the highest headroom amongst all the other rooms. Due to this reason, a loose guard rail is designed to replace the usual floor board, making the Lego Death Star more solid. However, the guard rail has a tendency to drop off if there are movements of the models from one place to another. On the next level, there will be more playable features. There’s an exclusive throne room for the Emperor Palpatine and also a room that includes a cell housing those unfortunate captors. There will be a long corridor as well, which was designed to provide more spaces for Luke and Leia to take refuge when battling the troopers. Lastly on the level 3, there is a room to hold the beacon of hope for the Death Star, The Death Ray which can be rotated as there is a rotating mechanism attached to it with two knobs responsible for the movement.    

On the level 4 is where the penthouse is stationed with smaller floor area, consisting of rooms such as discussion room and a Darth Vader transformation room. With a pair of twin cannons on this level, it portrays that the Death Star is housing some fearsome and fearless armory. These twin cannons are able to swing 90 degree to the top horizontally. Once you have a hand on all the levels, you may proceed to the minifigs. There are a total of 24 minifigs that can fit into the Lego set very well.

In summary, it will definitely requires a lot of hard work and effort to completely set up the Death Star. But it is totally worth every bits of your energy and effort. It is said that the Death Star is one of the top three set in the entire Star Wars range.