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Mt Bromo and Cemoro Lawang


Mt Bromo is actually a location to take photos of live volcano in East Java. When I saw the iconic images of Mt Bromo, I thought I must make a trip there some day which I did several times. Mt bromo is actually one of the 5 volcanoes at Bromo Tengger Semeru national park.

At Penanjakan, I can remember waiting from 4.30 am for that sunrise. Mt Bromo reveal itself when the golden lights of the sun brakes the cold moving fogs.  I thought that was one of the most beautiful scenery ever.


To get there

To get there you can book a flight to Surabaya, from there I took public bus to the town of Probolinggo and it’s a few hours drive uphill to Cemoro Lawang. Weather can be quite cold at Cemoro Lawang, so it is advisable to bring warm cloth along


Cemoro Lawang

This area is pretty touristed. It’s one of places where everyone stays before ascending to Penanjakan for the sunrise. It’s a good place to walk around to take photos. There are plenty of onion farms




The view of Cemoro Lawang from Penanjakan. It is pretty cold with that kind of fog around

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